"We have met the enemy and he is us."


Course Value

Statements below were taken from the Course Evaluation completed by students in response to a question about the value of the course.

"The cost was very reasonable & the value of the class immeasurable."

"This class was a great value for the cost."

"The opportunity was invaluable."

"Worth every penny."

"A bargain at twice the price."

The statements below were taken from the Course Evaluation completed by students at the end of the MBSR Stress Reduction class.

"I feel I can calm myself down."

"Class exceeded my expectations. My migraines got better."

"The class helped me make the commitment to practice."

"I was pleasantly surprised how much of what I learned could be used in everyday life."

"Each class builds on the previous classes."

"The instructor provided lucid instructions at all times."

"I’ve practiced meditation for years, but this class brought me to a new level of awareness."

"I learned that meditation has many variations and we can choose what is better for different moments."

"I’m sleeping better & have seen changes in myself that I could not have anticipated."

The class exceeded my expectations because it transformed my view of myself.

"I feel like I’ve learned a lifelong skill and have a found a friend in myself."

"Good feedback and mirroring."

"I have a better understanding of needing to give up battling with myself."

"Just attending the course made me accountable. I made the decision to do the work and that took me a long way."

"I learned to be present and enjoy my life more."

"A bargain at twice the price."